The Van Dyke “Seafoam Circus” Wedding – Part III

Mr & Mrs Dick Van Dyke

 And The Winner Is…

Friday, January 25, 2013

(This is the final installment of a multi-part post on Dick and Arlene Van Dyke’s “Seafoam Circus” wedding. Please click here to get the full scoop on all the fabulous fun!)

This Sunday, Dick Van Dyke will receive the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award honoring his 60 plus year career in film and television along with his lifelong humanitarian accomplishments. The entire Rebel Belle Weddings crew couldn’t be happier for him, and since he and his wife Arlene have been so generous in allowing me to share their spectacular wedding pictures with you, I thought it would be fun to honor their Seafoam Circus celebration with a few special awards of my own.

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The Van Dyke “Seafoam Circus” Wedding – Part II


Welcome To The Big Top!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

As mentioned in my previous post, Rebel Belle Weddings had the great good fortune of being part of a vast team of friends and vendors amassed by Arlene Silver-Van Dyke to help bring the “Seafoam Circus” celebration of her wedding to Dick Van Dyke to life. In Part II of what I am now calling the “Rebel Belle Seafoam Circus Series,” I’m extremely excited to be able to share some of the Van Dyke’s gorgeous photos, captured by Ryan Williams of Rawtography, as I attempt to paint a picture for you that will do this magnificent wedding justice.  However, I have no doubt that you will have many questions as we go along, so perhaps the best way to begin is by taking a few of them:

Q. Van Dyke? As in, the Dick Van Dyke?

A. Yes, the one and only, and his truly lovely wife, Arlene Silver-Van Dyke.

Q. Didn’t they already get married?

A. Yes, back in February of 2012 in an intimate ceremony. The Seafoam Circus was a larger ceremony and reception, held later in the year, to celebrate their marriage with friends and family.

Q. What in the world is a “Seafoam Circus??”

A. I’ll try to explain….

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The Van Dyke “Seafoam Circus” Wedding – Part I

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

“Laydees und Gentlemennns! Preezzzennting Zee Faboo-lusss Van Dykes!”

 Scott the Circus Barker

Arlene Silver-Van Dyke & Dick Van Dyke (Photo by Pivotal Media)

When Arlene Silver married Dick Van Dyke last February, it was a simple, intimate affair. When Mr. and Mrs. Van Dyke celebrated their wedding with friends and family this past weekend, it was an absolute circus!

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