Rachel & Jorge’s Purple Infused Temecula Winery Wedding

Rachel & Jorge's Temecula Winery Wedding

Rachel & Jorge’s Temecula Winery Wedding

Monday, May 18, 2015

A huge, joyous Happy Anniversary to Rachel & Jorge who were married one year ago at the gorgeous Ponte Family Estates winery in Temecula, California. As we return to visit that perfect spring day, please pay special attention to some of my favorite details: purple (yay!), a knockout tattooed bride (double yay!) and an impromptu family ceremony (triple yay!!).

But first, the setting: The Ponte Family Estates winery is just the prettiest place you could ever imagine for a winery wedding. Guests were greeted with parasols along with wine and chilled fruit infused water.

Wedding ceremony site at Ponte Family Estate winery in Temecula, CA.

Wedding parasols, white wine, and fresh fruit infused welcome water.

And bunnies! (Extra credit to Ponte for the bunnies!)

Awwwww! Wedding bunnies!!!

The ceremony was everything you would expect….

Purple pergola flowers by Jenelle of Sweet Flowers and wedding wine unity ceremony.


Wedding Harpist Mary Fawcett

…along with a few surprises. Like how absolutely fabulous Rachel looked rocking her wedding gown and tattoos. I told her that day, if I were ever to cast a spokesmodel for Rebel Belle, she just became the prototype.

Picture perfect tattooed bride.

Wine wedding unity ceremony.

However, as stunning as Rachel looked and as gorgeous of a site as she and Jorge made, it was their little daughter/flower girl who really stole the show when she decided that she would be part of the ceremony as well.

The most precious little flower girl in the world!

Playful family wedding ceremony moment.

You simply cannot argue with a tiny female who has made up her mind.

Temecula winery wedding family ceremony.

Once the deal was sealed with a kiss, it was off to the reception for party time and even more strategically placed luscious purple details. (OK, I admit – I may like the purple a bit more than most. But there is some seriously purple pretty going on here!)


Purple wedding reception details.

Lush purple floral on the wedding cake!

Are those roller derby inspired wine charm wedding favors?

Purple, purple and more….wait! Notice another one of those little unexpected touches in the photos above? Check out the adorable tiny quad skate wine charms! Ah ha! You have discovered the bride’s alter ego. Fans of roller derby may recognize her as the LA Derby Dolls own Iron Maiven, former skater, team captain, and now the multi-talented proprietress of Iron Doll Clothing. She enlisted her colleague Chuddywinks to create a variety of themed wine charms for their favors, including some quad skate and helmet designs to quietly place a little bit of roller derby into their winery wedding. I just LOVE IT when people sneak those tiny little “Hidden Mickeys” from the fandom aspects of their life into their otherwise traditional weddings. So clever!

Congratulations to Rachel & Jorge! I wish you the Happiest of First Anniversaries. May you have many more to come  filled with the expected, the unexpected, and…perhaps…a little more purple!

 Photography by Jessica Schilling Photography