Chris & Adrienne’s Glam Hollywood “Surprises” Wedding


Adrienne & Chris’ Gothic Romantic Wedding – Rebel Belle Weddings

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

For today’s post, we thought we’d surprise our clients Adrienne & Chris with a Happy Anniversary blog. It seems only fitting, as they hold our record to date for Most Surprises in One Wedding. Here’s how their glitzy, glamorous Hollywood celebration unfolded…

Thinking back, I first noticed their love of surprises at our initial meeting, when I found Adrienne waiting outside my office with a beautiful bouquet of flowers – for me! What brand new client brings flowers to a first meeting? One as thoughtful and gracious as Adrienne, that’s who.

The next surprise was mine to give. While searching for the perfect off-the-beaten-path wedding venue, I had an idea and brought Adrienne to see the secret Casa Room hidden inside the historic Hollywood bar, Boardner’s. Initially reluctant, Adrienne was positively stunned (I believe the British word “gobsmacked” works well here) when she saw the raw, Gothic glory of the space before her. She knew in that moment we had found the perfect spot.

Boardner’s Hollywood Casa Room – Rebel Belle Weddings

Boardner’s Hollywood Casa Room Bar – Rebel Belle Weddings

Boardner’s Hollywood Wedding – Rebel Belle Weddings

From that point forward, the surprises rolled in faster than we could count…

The bagpiper leading their entrance.

Bagpiper Eric Rigler Wedding Musician – Rebel Belle Weddings

Chris’ kilt.

Wedding Kilt – Rebel Belle Weddings

Adrienne’s custom Monique Lhuillier wedding gown with the break-away outer skirt – glamourous and totally danceable!

Custom Designed Gold Monique Lhuillier Wedding Gown

Custom Designed Gold Monique Lhuillier Wedding Gown

But the best part was when they each took us aside with their own personal surprise for the other:

Chris: “Don’t tell Adrienne, but I’m suprising her with confetti canons for the grand entrance.”

Adrienne: “Don’t tell Chris, but I’m surprising him with clown noses for all the guests during the grand entrance.”

Megan and I had to keep entirely straight faces as we nodded, smiled and discreetly choreographed the Clown Noses and Confetti Canon Entrance Extravaganza!

Wedding Clown Noses – Rebel Belle Weddings

Wedding confetti cannons – Rebel Belle Weddings

Wedding Confetti Canon Grand Entrance – Rebel Belle Weddings

Unconventional in every way, it really was a heck of a party! Food & drink, glitz & glamour galore.

Boardner’s Hollywood Casa Room Wedding – Rebel Belle Weddings

Guests danced the night away…

Glam guests – with just a *hint* of geek chic.

…and positively BLEW UP the SlowMo video booth provided by The Adventures Of’s SoCal SlowMo Booth!

SlowMo Video Booth Wedding Shenanigans!

The room glowed both with the light of several hundred candles and the warmth of family and friends reveling in all the unexpected elements.


Congratulations again Adrienne & Chris. Our anniversary wish for you is that you continue to find shimmer and sparkle in very surprising places!

Adrienne & Chris’ Glam Hollywood Wedding – Rebel Belle Weddings


All photos by Ray Anthony Photography