The Van Dyke “Seafoam Circus” Wedding – Part I

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

“Laydees und Gentlemennns! Preezzzennting Zee Faboo-lusss Van Dykes!”

 Scott the Circus Barker

Arlene Silver-Van Dyke & Dick Van Dyke (Photo by Pivotal Media)

When Arlene Silver married Dick Van Dyke last February, it was a simple, intimate affair. When Mr. and Mrs. Van Dyke celebrated their wedding with friends and family this past weekend, it was an absolute circus!

Seafoam Circus (Photo by Rebel Todd)

The “Seafoam Circus” rolled into town for one very special night, the living embodiment of Arlene’s vision of a romantic, whimsical, oceanic carnival wedding. Oh, how I wish you could have seen me taking copious notes over the last few months as Arlene, very much a Rebel Belle, provided me with so many of those tweet-worthy work moments that I just love. Costuming for the giant stuffed bear – check! Entrance timing for the dancing electric jellyfish – check! And when those fantastical elements combined with a great many more, they formed a wedding so imaginative and magical that words truly do not do it justice. As soon as pictures become available I promise to share them, along with full details about the amazing team of both vendors and friendors Arlene pulled together to help bring her vision to life. For now, I would like to congratulate The Fabulous Van Dykes and wish them a world filled with constant love, much happiness and the occasional tutu-wearing bear.