Max & Rachel’s Game of Thrones Inspired NHMLA Wedding

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rachel + Max Natural History Museum Wedding // Rebel Belle Weddings

Welcome to Max and Rachel’s gorgeous, touching, celebratory wedding – an enigmatic event to be sure and a night to be remembered by all. Held at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, this dinner party-centric celebration was excruciatingly elegant and stylish. Yet, as a Rebel Belle Wedding is often known to do, it nodded every so subtly in the geek direction with its chic Game of Thrones inspired dinner seating for 160 sophisticated guests around one long “U” shaped table. Such an unusual event could only have come from the minds of a wonderfully unique couple, and Rachel and Max definitely qualify. [Read more…]

Chris & Adrienne’s Glam Hollywood “Surprises” Wedding


Adrienne & Chris’ Gothic Romantic Wedding – Rebel Belle Weddings

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

For today’s post, we thought we’d surprise our clients Adrienne & Chris with a Happy Anniversary blog. It seems only fitting, as they hold our record to date for Most Surprises in One Wedding. Here’s how their glitzy, glamorous Hollywood celebration unfolded…

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“Got Miss Piggy?” – Rebel Belle Offbeat Bachelor Party Sneak Peek

Friday, October 11, 2013

WARNING: The following post is rated “M” for Mature…and Muppet.

At Rebel Belle, we’re known for producing unconventional events and figuring out how to fulfill outlandish requests. But when our friend and colleague Megan Finley of Offbeat Bride approached us for help with a bachelor party she’d been charged with hosting, her entertainment request was a bit challenging even for us.

“What would be the most amazing thing is if we could find a burlesque dancer who will perform as Miss Piggy and dance to ‘Somebody’s Getting Married.’”

Um…no pressure.

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