The Van Dyke “Seafoam Circus” Wedding – Part II


Welcome To The Big Top!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

As mentioned in my previous post, Rebel Belle Weddings had the great good fortune of being part of a vast team of friends and vendors amassed by Arlene Silver-Van Dyke to help bring the “Seafoam Circus” celebration of her wedding to Dick Van Dyke to life. In Part II of what I am now calling the “Rebel Belle Seafoam Circus Series,” I’m extremely excited to be able to share some of the Van Dyke’s gorgeous photos, captured by Ryan Williams of Rawtography, as I attempt to paint a picture for you that will do this magnificent wedding justice.  However, I have no doubt that you will have many questions as we go along, so perhaps the best way to begin is by taking a few of them:

Q. Van Dyke? As in, the Dick Van Dyke?

A. Yes, the one and only, and his truly lovely wife, Arlene Silver-Van Dyke.

Q. Didn’t they already get married?

A. Yes, back in February of 2012 in an intimate ceremony. The Seafoam Circus was a larger ceremony and reception, held later in the year, to celebrate their marriage with friends and family.

Q. What in the world is a “Seafoam Circus??”

A. I’ll try to explain….

This wildly imaginative and vividly colorful vision Arlene dreamt up truly does defy explanation in words. Glittering, glorious and grand in every way, an oceanic carnival, an undersea nautical festival – “Seafoam Circus” was the name eventually bestowed upon the event, designed to evoke images of an underwater playground that would do both P.T. Barnum and Jacques Cousteau proud.

The magical evening began with cocktails overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The bride’s friend Brooke, a talented harpist who just happens to have a lovely mermaid-like quality about her, performed atop an elevated platform, while a waterborne Gymnast-In-A-Bubble floated in a pool, amazing the guests.

And that, my friends, was just the beginning. Soon, it was time to enter the Big Top. Cue the circus music! (To really get the feel of The Seafoam Circus, click here to play Arlene’s ceremony opening music selection, “Roustabout” by Beats Antique. Just cue the song to the 35 second mark then let it play as you read the rest of this post.)

Whimical Seafoam Circus Table Centerpiece

Limber gymnasts and multi-talented jugglers, provided by Kevin McNally at Milestone Productions, Inc., set the tone as the ceremony began.

Ever fabulous and unconventional, the bride chose “fan boys” rather than “flower girls” to signal her entrance!

Fan Boy 1Fan Boy 2Fan Boy 3

Here’s a closer look at that stunning brooch bouquet, created by Carol Matteson at King Dahl Event Design.

The romantic ceremony was officiated by the couple’s friend Bryan, who also performs together with Dick Van Dyke in their a cappella singing group, The Vantastix.

Post-ceremony, “Scott the Barker” announced the couple’s Grand Entrance.

Ah, I see you have more questions…

Q. Who?? What? Is that an Octopus arm on his head?!

A. I’ll try to explain, but you’re really going to need to just roll with this one. That is Scott, close friend of the bride. He was the absolutely brilliant Master of Ceremonies, The Ringmaster, The Circus Barker – a man of many titles (and outfits!).

As the leader of festivities at The Seafoam Circus, it seems fitting that an Octopus tentacle protrudes from his head, don’t you think? The only question that remains is whether you would call that an Octorcorn or Unipus. Regardless, it’s epic. Let’s move on.

In addition to a delicious dinner (served family style) there were plenty of yummy treats and circus style fun.


And what is a circus without circus animals?


 Mr. Bear! Oh how everyone loved the tutu-wearing circus bear!


More questions? Understandable, I suppose.

Q. Are those…hula hoops on the floor?

A. Yes, of course they are. Why wouldn’t they be?

Hula hoops! Whoda thunk? Yet another one of Arlene’s many fantastic ideas that added such unexpected fun to the reception!


(By the way, the woman in blue is Mary, Arlene’s mom. And she is not about to be shown up in the hula hoop department!)


Of course, when you’re having this much fun and you’re wearing shoes as fabulous as these…

You know at some point in the evening they’re bound to come off!


Which is a good thing – because you’re going to need some serious moves to keep up when the Electric Jellyfish come dancing in to wrap up the night!


Electric Jellyfish – yep, we’re going to end on that note. Because, honestly, where do you go after you bring in the dancing electric jellyfish?!

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Van Dykes for choosing Rebel Belle Weddings to assist with this mind-blowing celebration, and I invite you to stay tuned for Part III where I’ll be taking a closer look at the traditions, personal touches and scores of creative little details that combined to make this night so very special!


The Van Dyke’s Hand-Picked Seafoam Circus Event Team

Event Production and Coordination: Rebel Belle Weddings

Event Design and Floral: King Dahl Event Design

Entertainment and Performers: Milestone Productions, Inc.

Catering: Monrose Catering

Tent, Lighting & Event Rentals: Classic Party Rentals

Graphics and Custom Artwork: Pop Ink

Photography: Rawtography

Videography: Pivotal Media

Officiant: Bryan Chadima

Harpist: Brooke Weller

Makeup & Hair: Jessica de Ben

Bridal Gown: Renee Strauss

Circus Barker: Scott Froschauer

Electric Jellyfish: Scott Froschauer & Kymber Blake

Special guest appearance by Mr. Bear, as himself.