Super Happy Funtime Robotland: A Rainbow Robot Carnival Wedding

A hint of what’s to come in a hand made wedding invitation.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Psst! I have something to share with you. A wedding so colorful, festive and downright unexpected that it virtually defies description. And yet, I’m gonna give it a shot anyways. You can thank me later.

Meet Lisa & Robert…or “Raubert” as their friends call them.

Lisa & Robert and a little wedding Twister.

They love rainbows.

Rainbow hair chalking.

They love robots.

Groom’s fortune told by Voltar the Robot.

And they love each other, very much.

iPhone kiss wedding photo.

So when the time came for them to get married, a most unconventional wedding was in order and Rebel Belle was contacted. Thus begins the story of The Super Happy Funtime Robotland Wedding. I named it that. Yep. Quite by accident too.  When they were explaining their initial wedding concept to me, Raubert described their vision of a pair of robots in love and the enchanted land in which those robots lived, filled with color, fun and whimsical creatures. Lisa showed me a prototype of the artwork she herself had created, and I involuntarily blurted out “It looks like Super Happy Funtime Robotland.”

Aaaaannnnd…it stuck.

Super Happy Funtime Robotland Wedding Invitation.

And so began the planning of an entire event designed around two words: fun and color. If it was one or the other it was considered, and if it was both, it was in. Streamers and balloons created one of the most lively, festive wedding ceremony sites you have ever seen.

Wedding bouquet alternative: Giant balloons filled with more balloons!

Rainbow ribbon wedding altar & rainbow petticoat wedding dress.

Wedding ceremony balloon release.


 The ceremony itself took place smack dab in the middle of a carnival, were guests enjoyed retro table games…

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots!

Hungry Hungry Hippos!

…had their fortune told by a live-action, vintage fortune teller “robot”…

Yes, that is a real live actor playing Voltar!

…bravely paddle boated around a pond…

…were entertained by mimes…

The incredibly talented Jules Ross!

Lola Kelly & Co. – Robotland’s French Traditional Silent Clowns.

…left their fingerprints on a balloon themed guest book…

Rainbow balloon & robot thumbprint wedding guestbook.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, they played kickball. Yes, kickball – in the middle of a wedding reception! This was a first for a Rebel Belle event and I admit I had my concerns. But, you know what? The kids dug it…and, for that matter, so did the mimes!

Kickball at a wedding reception!

Now we head into the “but wait, there’s more” portion of this post. You see, all that was just PART ONE of this event. There were more surprises in store for Raubert’s guests once they had enjoyed the ceremony, the carnival and all the unique activities. Once a guest had retrieved their shiny robot place card…

Handcrafted robot wedding reception place cards.

…they were escorted to a second location to dine under the stars.

Calamigos Ranch Malibu

In keeping with the theme, the entire dinner area was color infused in creative ways such as the gumball/clay sculpture centerpieces.

Centerpiece clay animal sculptures created by David Hale.

Not fans of wedding cake, Raubert chose instead to offer a rainbow assortment of pies for dessert.

Mmmm…purple. My favorite flavor!

And the evening was rounded out with sophisticated eclectivity (yes, I just made that up) by one of my favorite local bands, The Dustbowl Revival.

z (3)

Oh, and one more thing. This entire shindig was alcohol free and people had a blast regardless! (You can learn more about Raubert’s choice on this topic in my previous post.)

Lisa and Robert coined a term during the planning process that I use to this day: “Cartoon Thoughts,” defined as ideas born of vivid imagination with no current basis in reality. It was my job to translate those thoughts into things that were actually do-able with the technology that currently exists on this planet. Easy? No. Fun? Yes! And I can’t tell you how thrilled my team and I were to have helped Raubert bring their singularly unique wedding vision to life. These two dream really really big, and my personal wish for them is that they never, ever stop!

Post Script: I would like to extend a special Rebel Belle thank you to Cindy and the entire crew out at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, California who NEVER ONCE FLINCHED when we approached them time and time again with questions regarding so many of this wedding’s wilder elements. They exceeded our expectations at every turn and demonstrated their support of unconventional weddings with nothing but grace and smiles! Thank you guys!!

Photography by Joey Ikomoto Photography