Sarah & Kevin’s Gorgeous Eclectic Natural History Museum Wedding

Fairytale Kiss & Floor Length Wedding Bouquet

Monday, November 18, 2013

Romantic, lush, and ever so slightly twisted, Sarah and Kevin’s wedding at The Los Angeles Natural History Museum played out like an incandescent fairytale with a dark glimmer around the edges. Sarah’s event design incorporated details that you would never expect to see together – everywhere you looked there was something beautiful – and yet, if you looked a bit closer, you might find yourself caught off guard. The result was an entirely unexpected harmony and a feast for the eyes.

Beginning with the bride herself: From her silver-blue hair to her couture Claire Pettibone gown to her incomparable floor-length wedding bouquet, Sarah appeared to have stepped right off of a movie set. Woven within her magnificent bouquet you’ll find floral (both fresh and dried) as well as feathers, wood and even bits of bone.

Claire Pettibone “Toile Francais” wedding gown.

Wedding bouquet featuring bits of bone.

The ceremony aisle was set with dozens of candles and a custom runner to create a very natural, earthy feel. Bridesmaids wore shimmering gossamer gowns complete with flowing sheer capes which gave the feel of mythological goddesses. The entire room glowed with a warmth and vibrancy that was both visible and emotionally palpable.

Shimmering silver bridesmaid dress.

And that’s where things take a little bit of a darker turn. At the conclusion of the ceremony, guests were guided to their seats by way of insects preserved in crystalline Lucite….

Bugs as wedding escort cards.

…which glimmered on antiqued lace next to vintage silver vessels brimming with dazzling floral arrangements.

Look closely – do you see the little wedding bug next to the gorgeous flowers?!

The grand dinner table (one long table set for exactly 100 guests) ran the entire length of the reception hall. Glance once and you’ll see gleaming silver-edged china. Glance twice and you’ll see taxidermy animals indicating section names.

Single long wedding dinner table.

Single long wedding dinner table with taxidermy animal table name.

Even the meal was a finely crafted juxtaposition of the glorious with the macabre.

Mini parfait wedding dessert table.

Which all, by way of magic or design I’m still not sure, came together to form a stunning wedding vision like absolutely no other. It really was spectacular, and I’m officially out of adjectives so I have to stop here.


Thank you, Sarah & Kevin, for choosing us to be a part of your exquisite wedding. We wish you many years of happiness and a lifetime of deliciously unexpected surprises!


Photography by Paul Von Reiter

Floral Design by Laura Kilts