Incredible Wedding SlowMo Video Booth by The Adventures Of


November 20, 2013

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We really, really do. And we love them for many reasons: They’re awesome videographers. They’re very cool people. And they’re as geeky as we are. But the latest item on our long list of love is the MIND BLOWINGLY rock star job they just did when our clients Adrienne & Chris asked “Hey, can you guys do a SlowMo Video Booth?”

Not only was the answer a resounding “Yes!” but Megan and I are just blown away at the radness of the finished product. Seriously – this is so much fun! So check out the video below to see what happens when a Hollywood Glam wedding held at Boardner’s meets some really talented and creative videographers. (And, yes, geek friends –  that is Wil and Anne Wheaton at 0.25. Can’t tell you how happy I was to have geeky videographers on my team at the moment I spotted them that night and my dorkiness completely overtook my wedding planner cool.)


We absolutely cannot wait to share more of Chris & Adrienne’s smash of a wedding with you all and will do so as soon as more pics and video come in. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about how you can have a SlowMo video booth at your wedding, or are interested in booking some kick-ass videographers, head over to The Adventures Of and tell Kiera & Josh we said hi!