Erin & Matt’s Vintage Aviation Wedding



After featuring a handful of photos from Erin & Matt’s Vintage Aviation themed wedding in our previous post, quite a few of you have contacted us asking for more. So, by popular demand, here you go!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Erin and Matt’s wedding is best described as something akin to time travel. Their ceremony and reception were held at the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, California, and there are certain shots the photographers captured that make it seem as if this could not possibly have been a modern day wedding.

Vintage Aviation Chic Wedding Style

And that is very much what it felt like that day. The entire event took on the feel of another place and time, due in large part to the level of detail Erin and Matt worked hard to incorporate into their theme. From bridesmaids reminiscent of chic stewardesses of years gone by…

Aviation Themed Wedding: Stewardess-esque Bridesmaids

…to hand crafted runway lights marking the processional path.

Aviation Themed Wedding: Handcrafted runway lights made by the couple.

From the ceremony in front of an aircraft hangar…

Aviation Themed Wedding: Airplane Hangar Ceremony

Aviation Themed Wedding: Airplane Hangar Ceremony

…to their grand entrance in an historic Army Jeep.

Aviation Themed Wedding: Army Jeep Grand Entrance

The general feel throughout their celebration was as if you had magically found yourself at a festive, 1940’s USO event.

Aviation Themed Wedding: USO Style Reception

And everywhere you turned there was a little something to remind you of the romance of history, aviation and travel.

Aviation Themed Wedding: Airplane cake stand made by the couple.

Aviation Themed Wedding: Cakes named after famous aircraft as reception table centerpieces.

Mutual interests and shared passions incorporated into a wedding really create something quite special, and that was certainly the case here.  Congratulations (and Happy Anniversary!) to Erin & Matt!

Erin & Matt’s Aviation Themed Wedding

Photography by Rad + In Love

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Erin & Matt made much of their own decor, and Erin is a very gifted artist. To see more of her creations, check out her Etsy store Saturn 5 Studio