“Got Miss Piggy?” – Rebel Belle Offbeat Bachelor Party Sneak Peek

Friday, October 11, 2013

WARNING: The following post is rated “M” for Mature…and Muppet.

At Rebel Belle, we’re known for producing unconventional events and figuring out how to fulfill outlandish requests. But when our friend and colleague Megan Finley of Offbeat Bride approached us for help with a bachelor party she’d been charged with hosting, her entertainment request was a bit challenging even for us.

“What would be the most amazing thing is if we could find a burlesque dancer who will perform as Miss Piggy and dance to ‘Somebody’s Getting Married.’”

Um…no pressure.

In all seriousness, this is Los Angeles which means that, with enough time and money, we can find just about anything. However, on a “not unlimited” budget and with only about three weeks to plan, I wasn’t feeling solid about our ability to deliver. So I declared it a long shot, asked for a list of backup options, and said we’d give it a go.

Enter the incomparable Courtney Cruz and the lovely ladies of Devil’s Playground Burlesque. (With special thanks to Victoria Vengeance for the referral in their direction.)  A few quick emails later and the magic words came right across my screen:

“Got Miss Piggy!”

That’s about where I dropped the mic and walked out. Seriously. Whoda freakin’ thunk?!  And let me tell you, Ms. Isabella St. Sinwell and all the ladies performing last night were spot on perfect! As soon as the pro shots come in, we’ll share all the details of how a whole bunch of women helped plan a heck of a bachelor party. In the meantime, I would like to offer this tantalizing sneak peek of the gorgeous, sweet and talented women who helped make it a very memorable night!

Miss Piggy Muppet Inspired Burlesque and Friends – Photo by Rebel Belle Weddings

From left to right: Kitty Cadillac, Isabella St. Sinwell as Miss Piggy, Daisy Meadows and Sin Fisted

(Special thanks to Alex and the entire team at Boardner’s for providing us with the perfect venue.)

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And for more geekalicious sexy-time fun, check out Courtney Cruz’s website where you’ll find info on their upcoming Gotham City Grudge Match as well as dates future dates for their famous Star Wars Inspired Burlesque!