Muppet Love – The (Not Quite The) First Wedding on the Jim Henson Lot

November 30, 2011

Muppet Fever is sweeping the nation and we couldn’t be happier!  But before the new movie hit theaters last weekend and everyone went all Muppet crazy (frantically waving arms), there was Suzanne and Luke – the couple who will forever hold the title of first to get married  wildest wedding “possibly most awesome couple” ever to get married on the Jim Henson Company Lot.*

Believe it or not, this was just last year!  Although The Henson Company had played host to plenty of Hollywood parties, high school proms and other soirées – up until July of 2010, no one had held a wedding at this truly historic location. (Or had they?  See editor’s note below.)

Childhood memories and Muppet fanaticism aside, one of the most wonderful things about this wedding was the couple’s sense of humor shining through in all the personal touches they included.

Sometimes, when there’s an eclectic mix of decor, a wedding guest will quietly ask us “What exactly is the theme of this wedding?” to which we usually reply “Things-The-Couple-Really-Likes.”  There really couldn’t be a better example of how to do that theme right!

In & Out Burger SEMI truck (pulled right on to the lot!), hand crafted personalized centerpieces based on…EVERYTHING!  On top of all that, Luke is also the one who figured out how to make a Lightsaber Cake Knife  – and then was kind enough to share the instructions!

We have to admit, we feel forever indebted to this super-fun couple for including us in their fantastic wedding plans.  Seriously, it was an honor to have played a part in this very special event!

(Photography by Megan Finley Photography)

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 *For many months we were under the impression this was the first wedding ceremony held on this property.  However, shortly after posting this piece on Twitter, we received word from another couple stating they were married on the Henson lot in 2008.  We therefore stand corrected and apologize to any other couples who were cool enough to get married in Muppet-land of whom we were not previously aware.  (However, until someone else pulls in a semi truck dispensing burgers next to an At-At cake, I think we’ll hang on to the title of  “possibly most awesome” for while!)  – Laura